Yoga Classes


Blending a traditional Hatha class with a slow flow vinyasa. This class is fully guided, allowing you to find the true connection to your breath and body. We will take time to pause and reflect on what your body needs, in the present moment. Simply bringing awareness back to the breath intertwined with a gentle flow giving yourself a chance to release and reset. Open to all levels.



This a great class to start exploring your yoga practice. Each class is tailored specifically to the student’s needs within the body. Taking time to really connect with your practice through your breath and awareness of what your body needs allows you to get the most out of your practice. Open to all levels.



Finding movement through a mix of guided flow & flow on your own. Spending time linking breath to movement, finding alignment, building muscle-holding poses, and clearing your mind. You can expect to move most of the class. Slow Flow is sure to burn those calories while allowing you to gain knowledge about your personal practice. Open to all levels.


Wake up your body and mind the right way. Move your body to release the stress of the week and gain energy for the weekend. You can expect a slow warm-up transitioning into fun movement and finally surrender into stillness. Open to all levels



Fully guided gentle movement. The dim candlelight will allow you to focus inward and on your breath. You can expect to hold poses/positions longer, deepening your practice and allowing for adjustments. Open to all levels


This class is meant to bring the body and mind to a more balanced state. It is full of empowering flows synced to the breath paired with restorative poses to release tension. Throughout the class, you will be transitioning between stillness and movement and finding your strength in each area. Open to all levels.


A vinyasa-style class to loud, upbeat, and explicit music. A chance to FREE FLOW, let loose, and most importantly HAVE FUN! Be ready to move your body and get your heart rate up! Some experience is needed.



We will have a slow and gentle progression of poses to help with range of motion and stability. No experience is needed; this class is accessible to every skill level.


In this class, we will spend 3-5 minutes in deep stretching poses focusing on strengthening connective tissue and building stamina in a breath. Using props to help you safely get in and out of poses. All levels welcome.


This class is structured around foundational yoga poses. We will spend time in our breath building focus on the stretch and finding progression. All levels welcome.



This beginning-level teacher-led class will help you to unwind and settle after your day by connecting the breath with movement.  With a focus on proper alignment, the goal of this class is to foster a sense of calmness and inner peace as you strengthen and lengthen your muscles through the various asanas or poses.  As you experience the zen yoga can bring, you may attain a sense of wellbeing and energy in the body.  Modifications and intensification will be offered for all levels.  Add this class into your yoga routine to build a reservoir of energy that our normal busy lives deplete. 



Powerful Zen Yoga is a fully guided, athletic-based class designed to challenge your strength without the speed of Vinyasa.  You can expect full instruction through each posture as well as variations you may not see in a standard Hatha class.  Come prepared to breathe, sweat, and find your inner power.



From slower progressive sequences to longer holding postures, your entire body and mind are brought into balance in this focused, intense, yet calming class.  By holding postures longer, you can stretch and nourish the connective tissues surrounding the joints as you build muscle, inner strength, and flexibility.  It is a great option for beginners who may be nervous about trying a faster-paced yoga class or for athletes who want to increase flexibility and stamina.  This class will provide a nice balance to your training regimen.   


This is a dynamic, joyful practice connecting breath and movement. We will build flows in layers working all areas of the body and the mind. Each month I will focus on different transitions and poses to create familiarity and confidence in your practice. You may even begin to feel like a ninja


Chair yoga invites you to build or revisit a gentle yet strong foundation. In this class, we will use the chair to root into an inviting practice with inclusiveness and accessibility at its core. We will focus on small, intentional movements to build heat within the body and grow our practice from the earth up, allowing us to find stability and mobility as we expand our movement and connect with our breath. This class is accessible to all levels.


Learn basic, essential yoga postures to develop the foundation for your practice. Expect a gentle flow, keeping low to our mats yet still exploring traditional standing poses and movements. We will focus on relieving unwanted tension and stress by building awareness of and connecting with the breath. This class is accessible to all levels.


Teen Yoga

This Hatha style class offers teens the opportunity to explore the various principles of yoga, body alignment, meditation and introduces healthy strategies for coping with stress and anxiety