Fitness and Dance Classes

It's time to release that version of yourself who's been too consumed with work, life, and motherhood to come out and play. This sexy adult dance class is an hour packed full of good vibes and sisterly love. Every class routine includes a warmup/stretch. Then it’s our one-of-a-kind, fun dance class instruction-turned-dance-party for all levels, no dance experience required. 


Do you miss going on vacation? Do you picture yourself laying on the beach with the sun shining on you? This class is made for you! Inspiring and easy-to-follow dance combinations of many styles of dance from all around the world will uplift your spirit. You will mix jazz, modern, salsa, samba, flamenco, African dance moves, and many more in this unique and very entertaining class, no dance experience needed.



This class is a combination of Barre/Pilates and air boxing. We will start with the burn of Pilates (using bodyweight and resistance bands) and end with the cardio and sweat of boxing. Modifications offered. No experience necessary.



This class is a total body workout using High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), using bodyweight, resistance bands, and light free weights. We will target a certain portion of the body through each segment of the HIIT. Bring on the SWEAT! This class is low impact. Modifications offered. No experience necessary



This class focuses on burning the glutes, hamstrings, quads, and abs. With the use of resistance bands, we will burn our legs out. After the leg burn, we will end with burning our core. There will be little cardio in-between to loosen up those leg muscles. Feel the burn! Modifications offered. No experience necessary



Let’s tone our muscles and burn calories with a mix of strength training and cardio. Each class will be different and can always be modified for all ability levels. **limited weight quantity provided – Encouraged to bring your own**


Full body workout on your mat using just bodyweight! This class will be made up of 4 different workouts: cardio, core, upper body, and lower body. Each one will include high-intensity exercises along with static holds. This class will energize you and allow you to push your endurance limits. Expect fun music and positive energy in this fitness class. Modifications offered.