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Allisson Hoover

Dance Instructor


Allisson was born in Reims, France, in the heart of the beautiful Champagne region. She started dancing at eight years of age and discovered her passion for dance.


After receiving her certification “BPJEPS métiers de la forme,” she opened up her own dance studio in France and taught over 300 students. Allisson became a professional dancer at the age of 18 when she joined the dance group “Andréason’y,” first as a lead dancer, then as the choreographer. During her eight-year tenure, she performed in many French and European dance events with well-known celebrities.


In 2010, Allisson won a dance competition that sent her to New York to take multiple choreography classes taught by the best choreographers in the city. She learned new dance styles, earned additional dance certifications, and fell in love with a “World Dance” class that included many different dance styles from around the world.


After taking a break to raise her family, Allisson is now teaching dance again, and is very enthusiastic to share her passion with her students.

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