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With H2 Wellness

Wellness Coaching:

Wellness is about achieving a balance in your life, and focuses on what your mind and body tell you it needs. Wellness coaching is a partnership that focuses on s t r e t c h i n g you to achieve goals you never dreamed were possible. Together, we will work to determine roadblocks and strategies to overcome them, so that you leave feeling supported, heard, and saying "I did it!"

Pregnancy Coaching:

Pregnancy is a beautiful and natural right? Of course, but it can also be stressful, overwhelming, or downright scary. Pregnancy coaching will fill your toolbox with information about nutrition, fitness safety, and mindfulness, in order to have a healthy and happy pregnancy. Pregnancy coaching can be individual or group.

Postpartum Coaching:

You just had a baby and your body feels what? Do I jump right back into exercise? Can I still eat for two? Is it normal to leak? So many questions! Postpartum coaching will teach you how to slowly get back into exercise safely and navigate the struggles that come with being postpartum at any post-baby stage. Postpartum coaching can be individual or group.


Teen Coaching:

Navigating adolescence is tricky, at best, and often leaves teens feeling deflated, lethargic, or flat out defeated. Teen coaching is about teaching basic concepts of nutrition, physical fitness, and mental wellness, to build confidence and resilience. Whether you or your teen struggles with worry, stress, body image issues, cyberbullying, or other concerns, teen coaching will help discover hurdles and empower teens to jump over them with courage. Teen coaching can be individual or group.

Hannah Henry - H2 Wellness
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